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 After an exciting career in the eyewear industry including building 100's of real estate related stores and commercial projects, both in the USA and abroad I have moved to Boston and joined my daughter in support and growth of her company.

After living in Shanghai China for many years, I now specialize in helping many Chinese families in their immigration needs to the USA via their EB-5 programs and their first primary residential property.

As well, I provide related services for additional residential and commercial property investments.

In addition to representing the company within the Boston metro market, my daughter and I also manage and sell residential properties in the New York metro market as well.

Rachel is a registered NY broker and I am a registered licensed agent. Living in the Manhattan for over 40 years has made me an expert and I still spend time each month where I work with a wonderful associate agent for any and all real estate needs.

This is truly an exciting time for real estate and I am enjoying personally working with my daughter's team.

I love the Boston area, the people, the clam chowder... Of course the lobster and even the winter! Really!!