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Posted by Hillman Homes on 6/13/2018


Spring Hill is the name of a ridge in the central part of the city of Somerville and the residential neighboorhood that sits atop of it.

In 1989 a part of the Spring Hill neighboorhood is listed on the National Register of Historical places. The Historic District of Spring Hill stretches from Central, Summer, Atherton, and Spring Streets. 

Spring Hill was developed primarily as a residential neighboorhood with several structures that have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places: 

  • The Alexander Foster House, an Italianate style house on Laurel Street built in 1860
  • The House at 16-18 Preston Road, a Colonial Revival triple decker built in 1910
  • The Enoch Robinson Round House is a cylindrical, wood frame residential building on Atherton Street built in 1856.
  • The Joseph K. James House, a Colonial Revival triple decker built in 1910
  • The Martin W. Carr School, built in 1898 since has been converted to condominiums 
  • The Lemuel Snow Jr. House, a Queen Anne Style house built in 1890

Love historical cities and scenic architecture? We have a lovely condo for sale in Spring Hill, give us a call today for a showing! 

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