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My real estate career really began in 2014 when I purchased my very first home - a multi-family investment property in Worcester, MA.  I had no idea what I was doing, but knew I wanted to begin supplementing my income. After such a wonderful buying process, and after having great success with my own investment property, I decided become a Realtor myself! I got my Massachusetts real estate license, and then my New Hampshire license as well.   

I love what I do and love that I can now offer my buyer and seller clients the same amazing experience I had myself. I can thank the years spent working in corporate America for my excellent project management and communication skills, as they help keep every deal on track. 

I want every client to feel confident either in the management of their listing or in their purchase process, and most importantly to truly love their new home. I'm also proud to say that my investment portfolio has grown, and I now own properties in two states. I enjoy helping other investors create new streams of income through real estate - both brand new like I was, and those with existing portfolios. I'm also very passionate about helping first time buyers, because I remember the uncertainty the surrounds the first deal.  

A little more about me… In my personal time I enjoy boating, water skiing, snow skiing, rock climbing, hiking or any other outdoor activity that involves time spent with family. I love taking pictures, trying new foods, travelling and red wine. I currently live in New Hampshire where I grew up, but I work in both NH and MA frequently. I have a loving husband named Tom, an amazing daughter named Taylor, and two fur babies named Koda and Zoey.