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Posted by Hillman Homes on 1/9/2019

You read in our blog last week about how the Boston real estate market is looking pretty good for 2019, but how will other cities in our country fare? While Boston (and Massachusetts in general) brings in residents from all over, due to our wide array of great colleges, growing tech companies and advanced medical facilities, check out this article about what some unexpected US cities have to offer as well...we ranked number 10!


If you're ready to make a move to this great area, our office is located in Newton, right outside the city- Whether you're looking for a rental or are getting ready to buy or sell, feel free to give us a call or stop by!

Posted by Hillman Homes on 6/12/2017

If you’re splitting expenses in your household or apartment, you likely want to make it the simplest process as possible. Things like rent, mortgage, and utilities can add up to a daunting number of bills to split. Fortunately, there are several tools available to make this process easier for you and your housemates.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways to split costs, offer some advice to keep your bills paid on time, and show you some of the best apps to help make paying the bills an afterthought.

Two ways to split

Generally speaking, there are three ways you can split costs. You can divide the bill (whether it be rent, mortgage, or utilities) equally among the paying members of your household. Or, you can split costs based on usage. For rent and mortgages, this can be based on things like square footage.

Sometimes, to simplify things, you might agree that one person will pay extra toward rent if another agrees to pay the full internet or garbage bill each month. This is an easy way to simplify costs without having to worry about paying extra if you use more of a utility during a month since internet and garbage bills tend to be constant each month.

Set up auto-play

Many services allow you to link a checking account for recurring payments. To split utilities with auto-pay, you can often link multiple checking accounts to a service.

If the service doesn’t have an auto-pay feature, you might still be able to set up recurring payments through your bank. Oftentimes, this method is preferable as you will have more control over whether or not you make a payment.

One downfall of autopay is that it can be difficult to split for expenses that change in cost each month. For example, electric bills aren’t constant and you can find yourself overpaying and underpaying each month depending on usage.

Apps and tools

Understandably, there is a big market for tools to make this whole process easier. One great option is Splitwise. This mobile and web application keeps a running total of expenses to let you know how much each member of the house owes. It also comes with useful calculators for things like splitting rent based on room size and more.

If you prefer to have one member of the house act as the designated payer of bills, there are several options available to make payments easier. One of the safest, most well-known, and easier to use is PayPal.

Through PayPal, you can set up recurring payments for your share of things like rent, utilities, etc. If you’re the one paying the bills, you can also send requests and reminders to make sure you get paid on time, and to have proof of when you received funds.

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