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Posted by Hillman Homes on 11/28/2018


After watching many HGTV shows and growing up with a family in the mortgage and banking industry, Andrea is excited to finally have a career in real estate! She stumbled upon her interest in real estate with her last job in the insurance industry, where she worked closely with clients, mortgage lenders, banks, realtors and did her fair share of research on new homes. Much of her previous work was focused on first time home buyers, and ensuring the process was as smooth as possible. With years of customer service experience and 2 years in the insurance industry, Andrea has learned the ins and outs of the behind the scenes process of the home buying process and looks forward to putting that knowledge to use to help you find your next place to call home!

Contact Andrea for your next rental or purchase!

Email: adigirolamoRE@gmail.com

Posted by Hillman Homes on 11/14/2018

Trying to navigate through the home buying and selling process alone can be extremely frustrating, which is why it's so important to hire a real estate agent that can meet all of your needs. While many people think all realtors are the same, there are actually many differences that can affect the outcome of either your search or home sale. Check out this article from the National Association of REALTORS for some tips on how to find the perfect agent: https://homebuying.realtor/content/what-kind-real-estate-agent-do-you-want

At Hillman Homes, we pride ourselves on superior client service and customizing the process to your needs and style - give us a call today so we can help!

Posted by Hillman Homes on 11/7/2018


 If you're one of those people that can't seem to turn off those addicting HGTV home flipping shows, (Fixer Upper is still our favorite,) then you've come to the right blog post! A lot of people love the idea of buying, flipping, and selling a home for a profit, but we all know those shows make it look all too easy. While there are many misconceptions about home flipping, it's actually very doable, as long as you educate yourself. Check out this article for How to Make Money Flipping Houses in 7 Steps: https://fitsmallbusiness.com/how-to-make-money-flipping-houses/

We've helped many investors and flippers achieve their goals at Hillman Homes, so give us a call when you're ready to start building your team!

Posted by Hillman Homes on 11/1/2018

We're excited to announce that today marks the Hillman Homes 5 Year Anniversary! We wouldn't be able to celebrate this day without the help and hard work from our team, our referral partners, and of course, all of our amazing clients! We're so grateful and appreciative, and thank you to everyone that has contributed to our continuing growth and success.

Posted by Hillman Homes on 10/17/2018

Change, regardless of the reason, is stressful. Whether it's starting a new job or buying a new car, there's always a certain amount of anxiety or uncertainty that goes along with it. But one of the major life changes we go through is moving. While there might not be a way to completely get rid of all the stress, there are some ways to make it easier.

Check out this article for some ways to de-stress your move: https://homebuying.realtor/content/7-quick-and-easy-ways-de-stress-your-next-move

We're here to make your move even less stressful - In addition to helping you buy or sell your home, we can put you in touch with some professional moving companies we work with to lighten your load. Give us a call!