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Posted by Hillman Homes on 3/7/2018


Fields Corner founded in 1630 is the largest neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts as well as a historic district located within Dorchester.

Love Pho? Fields Corner is known for it’s outstanding Vietnamese restaurants. Fields Corner is also known for it’s large Irish population which is represented by many pubs, including Blarney Stone, a well known pub where it is said that draft Guinness Beer was first ever served in the United States! Check out our recommendations below...

Vietnamese Recommendations:

Hien Vuong Restaurant |  Try the Bun Mam! 

  • 1487 Dorchester Ave

Anh Hong | 7 Course Beef is a must try

  • 291 Adams St

Banh Mi Ba Le | Be sure to get a Bahn Mi sandwich!

  • 1052 Dorchester Ave

Pub Recommendations:

The Blarney Stone | In spirit grab a Guinness! 

  • 1501 Dorchester Ave

J&J Irish Pub & Grille | A classic Irish dive Bar

  • 1130 Dorchester Ave

Harp & Bard | While the lively bar is the spirit of the restaurant, check out Sunday's brunch and loaded bloody Marys! 

  • 1099 Dorchester Ave

Would you like to live in area surrounded with delicious food and walkable pubs? Or maybe you're looking for the ideal location near the T? Give us a call today we can find the perfect area for your next home! 

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Posted by Hillman Homes on 1/19/2018


Raising a family comes with great responsibility and decision making, the best schools to career changes, everyone wants the best for their family. With that said, that may mean an out of state move and Massachusetts has been named the best state in the United States to raise a family! 

Scoring Findings (Courtesy of WalletHub <- clickable link):

- Family Fun : 6

- Healthy & Safety : 4

- Education & Child Care : 9

- Affordability : 8

Massachusetts Total Score : 63.37

Thinking about relocating? We can help you navigate the relocation process and find a great home for your family! 

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Posted by Hillman Homes on 1/5/2018


While we home everyone stayed warm and safe during Grayson's winter storm, here are some tips from us at Hillman Homes to ensure your home is safe and less susceptible to future damages.

  • Roof: Be sure to check for any weaknesses, loose, or missing shingles. Ice dam's can form, and high winds can tear off shingles. An ice dam occurs when snow on the roof melts, runs to the edge and refreezes there, forcing water back up under the roof where it can cause leaks and shingles deterioration.
  • Fallen branches or trees: Heavy snow can cause branches to threaten your home. It can break and bend causing damage even to the tree itself. You can remove snow gently and carefully, branches may be weak due to the cold. For advice, consult an arborist. 
  • Gutters: Snow and heavy ice can build up on the edge of your gutters and pull them away from the roofline. Also, check for any clogging.
  • Leaks: Inspect areas like the attic and crawl space for hard to find leaks and water damage.
  • Frozen Pipes: Look in on your washing machine hose as well as under sinks for damage from frozen pipes. Also, check in on your water heater for any signs of corrosion. Don't forget to check exterior piping as well! And repair immediately. 
  • Exterior Sidings: Inspect for pieces that may have come loose during storm or peeling paint. If unattended your siding could become vulnerable to moisture, which can lead to rotting wood. 

Lastly, give your neighbors a call; especially seniors! Lend a helping hand, your neighbors might need help clearing their walkways, or check in and see if they have enough supplies.

Stay safe and should you need any help finding vendors for house repairs, don't hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help and show you that Not all Realtors are the Same!

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Posted by Hillman Homes on 12/29/2017


 We are wishing you a happy and healthy New Year from all of us here at Hillman Homes!

If you are looking for something not only fun but rewarding to do this weekend please look into attending Mayor’s Open House and Food Drive here in Newton. Volunteers and non perishable items needed! 

Groups will be working 9 AM - 10 AM on Sunday December 31st to help sort food for Newton’s four food pantries. Be sure to come back at 1:30-3:30 PM for family activities, such as arts and crafts and live entertainment!

Call us in 2018 when you are ready to buy or sell! 


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Posted by Hillman Homes on 12/22/2017

Warm Wishes for a safe and wonderful holiday! 


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