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Worcester Massachusetts named after Worcester, England was named #62 out of 125 of the best places to live in the USA. (Boston #25 and Springfield #59) Worcester is known as the “Heart of Commonwealth” due to it’s central location – making a heart the official symbol of the city.

On July 14, 1776 British General Thomas Gage gave the first public reading in Massachusetts of the Declaration of Independence from the porch of the Old South Church, where the 19th Worcester City Hall is today.

Worcester is known for many first and inventions:

  • Esther Howland began the first line of Valentine’s Day cards from her Worcester home. (1847)

  • Loring Coes invented the first monkey wrench.
  • New England Candle Pin bowling was invented by Justin White. (1879)

  • Russell Hawes created the first envelope folding machine.

  • Lee Richmond pitched the first perfect game in Major League baseball history for the Worcester Ruby Legs. (1880)

Want to live in this top rated city of firsts? Give us a call, we’ll help you find your new home!

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Brighton’s Oak Square was formed around an ancient oak tree that once stood along the Indian path. It was said to be the oldest in the state when the Oak Tree was cut down due to health reasons in the mid 1800’s. With that said in the mid 19th Century, Oak Square became an important center for Brighton’s nurseries. 

One of the many great things about Oak Square it is easily navigable, especially if you have a car but not to fret there are many buses that can even be quicker than the green line. Oak Square is also conveniently placed between Sorrow Drive and the Mass Pike. Let alone there are many delicious eats in the area and a central YMCA!

Oak Square is made up of mainly working professionals and families, are you looking for an easily navigable city or an easy commute? Why not try Brighton’s Oak Square? Give us a call today to find your next home!

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The City of Somerville was one part of Charlestown, it was first settled in 1629. At this time an English surveyor let a group of 100 Puritans from the Salem settlement to prepare the site for the Great Migration of Puritans from England. Somerville used to be referred to as “beyond the Neck” referring to the split of land. The Charlestown Neck, which connects it to the Charlestown Peninsula. 

The Old Powder House located in Nathan Tufts Park was sold in 1747 to be used as a gunpowder magazine - holding the largest supply of gunpowder in Massachusetts. This large amount of gunpowder being so valuable in 1774 during the American Revolutionary War British Soldiers marched a mile to the Powder house and stole all the gunpowder. This led to Paul Revere on his famous ride to warn the farmers and militiamen between Boston and Concord, including John Hancock and Sam Adams.

Somerville has endless history, like most of Massachusetts. Thinking about relocating? Give us a call today we can help with your relocation!

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Framingham formerly Framlingham, is sited on an ancient trail first settle by a European known as the Old Connecticut Path.Between 1854-1865 Framingham was a yearly spot for members of the abolitionist movement to get together prior to the Civil War. 

Every year on Independence Day the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society held a rally in Harmony Grove, now downtown Framingham.This year on January 1st. Framingham because a city and Yvonne Spicer was named it’s first mayor, and becoming the first elected African-American woman mayor in Massachusetts!

Does this quaint new city sound like the right fit for you? Call us today to find your next home in Framingham!

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Watertown like many areas of Massachusetts is filled with history and culture. Watertown was inhabited for many, many, years before the arrival of settlers from England. In 1773, many of Watertown’s citizens were apart of the Sons of Liberty that fought in the tax protest against the British Tea Tax thus resulting in the Boston Tea Party.  Many citizens were also part of the first battle line formed at the Siege of Boston. Another, Watertown resident, Isreal Bissel was the first ride to take the news of the British attacking and rode to New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut.

Watertown is also a major center for theArmenian Diaspora in the US, holding the third-largest Armenian community inthe US. In 1988 Watertown Square became the new location for the Armenian Library and Museum of America, hosting the largest collection fo Armenian artifacts in North America.

Notable Residents

  • Eliza Dushku: Actress, grew up in Watertown andgraduated from Watertown High School
  • Helen Keller: Attended the Perkins Institutefor the Blind
  • Stephen P. Mugar: Founder of Star Market
  • Harriet Hosmer: Painter and Sculptor, known asthe first female professional Sculptor

Are you a history buff? Or looking for a great location to start a family? Watertown is your answer! Give us a call today to find your new home in Watertown!

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